Committee Sign Ups

Committee members will coordinate themselves and other parent volunteers to make and serve popcorn on Fridays.  These volunteers are at the school starting around 7:30 and staying to about 10:00.  Helping every week is not required, but we are always looking for people to fill in when our "regulars" cannot be there.  It is not necessary to be there the entire time, either.


  • RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)
Committee members will order books and coordinate themselves and other parent volunteers to distribute books. The number of distributions will decided by the committeeSeveral times a year, every student will receive a free book from the PTA. 

Coordinate fundraising activities—enlisting other volunteers as neededThis consist of helping collect and verify order forms.  Help sort order once it comes in and distribute to the classrooms.

The first week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week.  This committee plans various treats and surprises for the teachers and staff throughout the week for staff in all of our schools.  Most of the preparation takes place a few weeks before Teacher Appreciation Week.  This committee is responsible for organizing volunteers to bake and prepare goodies, purchasing paper goods, and scheduling and coordinating delivery of items.

  • Boxtops
Committee members oversee the collection and tallying of boxtops, as well as periodic mailings to claim proceeds for the schools.  Very flexible hours/scheduling.

  • Campbell Soup Labels
Volunteers help promote Campbell Soup Labels program, as well as assist in boxing and mailing labels brought in to the school.  Very flexible hours/scheduling.

  • Reflections
Fine arts contest sponsored by the National PTA.  Includes student music, photography, art and literature compositions.  Volunteers collect, prepare, and post entries for district judging, prepare entry certificates, locate judges, and host are reception.  Reflections need to be submitted to the state by early January, so this committee would meet in the Fall only.

  • Breakfast With Santa
Saturday December 3rd:  We will be putting on a breakfast with our special guest.  Donations of food and time are needed to make this a success.  The staff helps a great deal by serving the breakfast to our families.  Crafts, coloring, and a book swap are among the other events that occur that day.


If you would like to volunteer for any of these events, please let the WES PTA know as soon as possible.  We realize not everyone can make our meetings.  We appreciate the help we get from all our volunteers. Joining the WES PTA does not automatically sign you up for any committees; it gives you a voice in what the PTA does for our school.  Dues for this year is $5.00.


updated October 2011