November Minutes


Treasurer’s Report:
  •  Going forward we will have bank statements sent directly to the treasurer; Michelle will update bank with her address
  • Balance is about $1,500 higher than we expected at this point in the year
  • Every 4 weeks we order 100lbs of popcorn
  • Each week’s profit is around $40.
Yankee Candle Fund Raiser:
  • This year’s profit was $6,500. (down form last year)
  • Yankee candle service was much improved from last year – total number of orders was 112 with mistakes in only 9 orders, which will be completed very soon.
  • Yankee Candle has offered to rectify mistakes from last year if anyone has issues still unresolved.
  •  Book Distribution scheduled for December 5th
  • Books have arrived
  • E-mail will be sent to teachers to collect requests
Holiday Crafts:
  • Classrooms are each eligible for $100. If teachers are using Oriental Trading, they should shop through Box-Tops for Education as the PTA gets a percentage of their sales back.
  • Michelle will send link to teachers for Box Tops for Education
Breakfast with Santa:
  • Scheduled for December 5th, 8AM to 11AM; Admission fee will remain $3 per person or $10.00 per family
  • Sign-up sheet will be posted requesting teacher donations and volunteers; Mentors will be available to help.
  • Michelle will ask Mr. Ed Bellam to play Santa Clause
  • Activities planned: Breakfast, Letters to Santa table, Music, Crafts, Raffles
  • Erin will send Mary e-mail for Reflections organization; Mary will see what needs to be organized.
New Business:
  • Voted to grant $200. to the preschool to fund their Spring field trip transportation per their request.
  • Music Night – looking for professional performer
  • Future Fund raising: because there is not a need, we can afford to skip a Spring fund-raiser. We are looking for ideas for a new fund-raiser for Fall 2012. Erin will check with Tina Hebert to see if any organizations have contacted WES with offers.
  • SAU 23 Elementary Schools will be organizing an event together to support Chelsea Evans, our new music teacher who has been badly injured and cannot teach for 3 months. Date will be established before Christmas (but after Santa’s breakfast) for a spaghetti dinner to be held at WES. Mrs. Evans’ family members who play in a local bluegrass band will provide entertainment.
Respectfully Submitted
Mary Steenburg